Welcome to Dignity Philadelphia

Sunday, August 24 Eucharistic Liturgy, 7 pm
Thursday, August 28 Mummer’s Museum String Band
Sunday, August 31 Eucharistic Liturgy, 7pm
Wednesday, September 3 Broad Street Ministry 3-6pm
Sunday, September 7 Eucharistic Liturgy, 7pm
Sunday, September 7 - 9/11 Commemorative Mass
Sunday, September 7 Steering Committee Meeting, 4:30pm
Sunday, September 14 Eucharistic Liturgy, 7pm and Investiture of Committee Co-chairs
Sunday, September 14, Potluck 4:30pm
Sunday, September 21 Eucharistic Liturgy, 7pm and Birthday Cake Sunday
Sunday, September 21 Liturgy Committee Meeting 4:30pm
Sunday, September 28 Eucharistic Liturgy, 7pm
Sunday, September 28 Semiannual Business Meeting 8:30pm

Please join us for
Liturgy each Sunday at 7:00 p.m.
at the Church of
St. Luke and the Epiphany
[330 S. 13th St. between Spruce and Pine]

A Caring, supportive community of gay, lesbian,
bisexual, transgender Catholics, our families and friends